How it feels? Photography by Jorge Guzman

categories: fashion, photography.

Sensual photography from Colombia.

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Echos of Alexander Fedosov

categories: illustrations.

Stunning work by a Ukrainian artist.

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Work of David Palumbo

Great work of Philadelphia based illustrator.

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The work of Momkai

Great work by Amsterdam based studio.

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I turned mine [tv] off long time ago. Work of Jesse Auersalo

categories: illustrations.

Great work by London based illustrator Jesse Auersalo…

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The Spotlight: Aleksei Kostyuk

Great work by young Ukrainian artist.

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Ultranoir all the way

categories: design, web design.

Impressive work of French design agency.

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The Spotlight: Vigan Tafili

categories: entertainment, fashion, fun.

Vigan came to our Spotlight totally by luck…

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Sex & Design in the eyes of Jasper Goodall

Unique and imaginative work of Jasper Goodall.

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The Spotlight: Grzegorz Rutkowski (88grzes)

I remember first time I meet Grzegorz somewhere on the nets – seems like ages now and was just few years back. I won’t say now that I knew he’ll grow so much (because I did :P), but I will say:  it’s good to know i was right.

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