Wallpapers set: Nature In-Vader

categories: wallpapers.

Finally after weeks – a new wallpaper is here!

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QuickTip Tutorial – Photoshop: Light post-production techniques.

categories: 3d, quicklook, quicktip, tutorials.

We’ll have a look on how to use Black&White adjustment layer to rework light on stock image plus some general tips on postproduction.

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When I was younger than before : Music of Nick Drake

Not often you’ll see people like this… Nick Drake wiki bio says: years active 1969–1974, but in five years he was able to create more quality than other musician in a lifetime.

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Work of David Palumbo

Great work of Philadelphia based illustrator.

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Pedro Henrique Ribeiro about why the age doesn’t matter

Pedro is just 15 years old – but seeing what he does now – I’m sure he’ll be huge. So for all you youngsters out there – don’t be shy – as you can see – Pedro’s age is no limit. I’m well impressed with his work.

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Epic’s Unreal Engine to get more sexy

categories: 3d, entertainment, fun, zbrush.

Thing that Epic Games loves to do, is to show new versions of the most (at the moment the most used 3rd party game engine on the market) popular SDK engine and what’s coming next.

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