Personal piece: Things Behind The Sun

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QuickTip Tutorial: Create a surreal image in Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop – Part 1

Just a quick word before we start about my setup. I’m using Maxon Cinema 4D R12 – but most of the solutions will work with R9/10 and higher. My computer is using 8GB of ram and QuadCore cpu so if you fell that your project is a bit laggy – try to use less polygons (we’ll chat about this later) and should be fine. The screenshots are produced in 2560×1600 resolution, but I did rescale them to 1280x780px as for some reason WordPress has an issue with the thumbnail generation for original images. (Gregory will try to fix it). Some screenshots have different font/look on them and these are basically mixture of the experiment and proper tutorial screenshots. This is the first part which will cover the type effect and general step-by-step how to get from a font look into the pebbles look. In next few weeks we’ll go through the rendering and material setup, Adobe Photoshop post-production and for the final part – a bit of brainstorming and working around creative blockade. Let’s go!

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Wallpapers set: The Deformer

The wallpaper was design as part of the QuickTip tutorial about Maxon Cinema 4D Correction Deformer – make sure to check it out and let me know what you think both about the wallpaper and the quick tip. Hope you guys enjoy this.

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Video Case Study – The Rhinestone Rain

categories: 3d, case study, fun.

I’m back! I mean – after a short break – a new video is up! This time we’ll have a look on something a bit different – a video case study. The video shows a break down of “The Rhinestone Rain” wallpapers with some (what I hope are) interesting tips.

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QuickTip Video: Create a surreal image in Maxon Cinema 4D – Part 2

categories: 3d, design, quicktip, tutorials.

In the second part of the Nature tutorial we’ll focus on preparing the model for the Ivy Generator (link on the bottom), we’ll see how to set up some ivy and export it back to Cinema 4D, plus we have a look on a setup for branches and leaves, some materials and basic light with floor. We’ll leave the lighting for third part as I didn’t wanna torture guys with too much stuff for too long. This is the second part of the tutorial, but even if you haven’t watch (you can always do it now) the first one you still can use lots of tips from this one so make sure to watch it.

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QuickTip: Maxon Cinema 4D R12 Correction Deformer

Not really a tutorial type of person – mainly because I don’t read them as I think they can successfully ruin the creativity in fresh mind (you fallow – you die), secondly – I would never find time to make a tutorial of one of my projects as the process is so chaotic that it wouldn’t make sense to be honest. What I like about tutorials are the nice hints – a tips, the bits that you can take and use it in your work. This is my first QuickTip – so please let me know what you think and I’ll try to make sure we’ll show stuff you guys wanna read.

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