Death Lives

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Great art from Darksiders 2 by James Brian Jones.

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The Megatome, Dogfella and Sworcery – a pixel-art supernova

First time I saw trailers for “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP “ seems like ages ago – as a fan of Superbrothers for a while now I remember thinking: this looks so good that it will be almost impossible to match this visual extravaganza with the same (sophisticated) level of gameplay. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong…

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The Spotlight: Grzegorz Rutkowski (88grzes)

I remember first time I meet Grzegorz somewhere on the nets – seems like ages now and was just few years back. I won’t say now that I knew he’ll grow so much (because I did :P), but I will say:  it’s good to know i was right.

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The Creed of Nicolas Collings

Amazing style of Assassin’s Creed 2 and now Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood obviously have many fathers (and mother too) in the Ubisoft Montreal studios but Nicolas is definitely one of them directly responsible for some of the best game characters ever to be model.

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Chair Entertainment Infinity Blade is out for the iDevices and looks great!

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Many of you know that I’m a huge gamer – I mean – I play games as my second profession and it’s after graphic design my biggest time eater. (even bigger than books which is a shame to admit) and as far as I love my pc/ps3/360 gaming I must say I play on my iPhone all the time.

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Ccowabunga of David Rapoza

How much I loved these characters  when I was a kid is hard to measure…

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Manipulations of Muh Ihsan S

Great work by Indonesia based designer – some of the best photo-manipulation i seen in a while.

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55 Dragons Designs

Croatian designer Damir G Martin was working on a project called “55 Dragons Designs” – which is (suspense) about creating 55 dragons designs (you never see this coming did ya?) – or as I would say:  55 awesome things that would eat you.

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Great 3D models by Nick Govacko

I have seen Nick’s work at Zbrush Central forums and I must say – I love his hard surface 3D weapons models – stone giant is just superb as well.

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