Shy The Sun

Great work by Cape Town based agency.

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Typography Within Video

It’s something that we use every day. It’s part of our way of life. It can even determine the way we view things. Typography is a big part of our culture and can determine the way we interact on a daily basis. Every day applications ask for good typography, to the point that half the time, we won’t even realize it because it’s incorporated into our day-to-day life.

I’m not going to go into the do’s or don’ts of typography, or the ways that things should or shouldn’t be represented. What I want to touch upon is the way in which typography is used within video.

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Justice – Civilization / Adidas Is All In

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After a four year hiatus, Justice has released “Civilization,” the first single of what is sure to be 2011′s most anticipated electronic album.

Adidas is using the track for its 2011 global campaign “adidas is all in.” (View the extended version & listen to the full track after the jump)

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Grandmaster Flash-Mob

A typical Flashmob appears suddenly and stops as fast as it started.
No matter if it‘s dancing, singing, freezing, kissing or much more.

Most popular flashmobs are the T-Mobile advertisings. I think these
are great campaigns. They impress me with their positive attitude
and a feeling of being together. Strange people get together,
have fun and become part of something special.

Unfortunately I haven‘t seen one live yet. For me it would be
amazing to be part of one of these.

But for now, enjoy some really cool flashmobs.

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Sam Collisson Web Edit

A little edit Ive put together filmed around the Surrey area, filming on the occasional weekend this edit has been a long time in the making. Riding for Alonebmx team, putting in the hours at the park and on the street this is what we came up with, Enjoy.

Filmed and Edited: James Hamilton-Martin | digitalbmx.com
Music: Gramatik – Lonely & Cold
Filmed for Alonebmx | alonebmx.co.uk

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Seb Yates Trails Edit

Seb Yates is an awesome trails rider and an all round nice guy. He hasn’t had much coverage so i thought i would hook him up with an edit of him riding his local trails. The last trick is crazy.. but doing it on that huge jump is just nuts!

Filmed and Edited: James Hamilton-Martin | digitalbmx.com
Music: Night By Night – Chromeo

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Slick time-lapse illustrations by Martijn Van Dam

Martijn Van Dam aka Super Silo is a Dutch graphic designer based in Amsterdam. By day he works as a senior graphic designer at Momkai, a talented digital creative agency based in Amsterdam. By night he makes personal work under the guise of Super Silo.

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Videoentertainment deluxe

55+ likes. This has nothing to do with Facebook, but the number of videos I liked at vimeo. Out of these videos I chose 6, that I would like to show you. Let’s rock!

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