Death Lives

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Great art from Darksiders 2 by James Brian Jones.

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Mindwarps of Fulvio Di Piazza

categories: Cinema 4D, entertainment, fun.

Great surreal work for Italian artist.

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The Epic of Gears of War

The epic design from Epic Games…

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Concept of Maciej Kuciara

Stunning concept art of polish artist Maciej Kuciara

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Great Inspiration: Mumford and Sons

Mumford what? Just few month ago I didn’t knew the band and apart from one song – used somewhere in some tv show I have never heard about the band.

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The reign of Parein

Great work of Rizon Parein.

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Max Effect 3

Great concept art from latest Bioware game…

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The magic of Blizzard

Blizzard (on the BlizzCon) has shared some of the cgi pipline secrets…

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Razor Sharp Blur

Nope… this is not an article about some new funky way of blurring in Photoshop, but you’ll agree that the work of Venice, California based “Blur” studio is one of the sharpest on the market.

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The God of Hell – Mr Wayne Douglas Barlowe

I’ve been a huge (but i mean: HUGE) fan of Wayne Barlowe for some time now and he’s one of the artists you can’t get enough of. But let’s start from the beginning – Wayne Douglas Barlowe is a fantasy painter that worked on number of big projects from his excellent “Expedition” and “Inferno” series to big triple-A computer games and movies. His designs can be found in last “Dante’s Inferno” video game, movies like Hellboy series, Harry Potter and Avatar.

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