3D work by Jason Martin

categories: 3d, entertainment, fun, zbrush.

Beautiful work from Texas.

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Surreal of Can Pekdemir

categories: 3d, design, zbrush.

Stunning surreal art from Turkey.

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From LazyMouse to LazyNezumi

categories: fun, illustrations.

Amazing ZBrush feature comes to Photoshop (to Windows).

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Personal piece: The Blue Threadbare Valentine

For our ladies (the one we will meet as well) so that they will never become our blue valentines. Digital Paining plus some 3D stuff (zbrush and  cinema4d) – inspired by “Blue Valentine” and some Corey Taylor lyrics.

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Kyungup Hyun stunning “Afghan Girl” kick ass Zbrush sculpture!

categories: 3d, inspirations.

Everyone knows Steve McCurry’s famous photograph “Afghan Girl” – probably one of the most iconic photos ever made. (google)

Yes – this ain’t no photo – all 3D/Zbrush baby!
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Surreal 3D by Pascal Blanche

categories: 3d, design.

Great 3D by French artist

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Great work by Loannis Karathomas

categories: 3d, design.

Great work by 3D game artist.

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55 Dragons Designs

Croatian designer Damir G Martin was working on a project called “55 Dragons Designs” – which is (suspense) about creating 55 dragons designs (you never see this coming did ya?) – or as I would say:  55 awesome things that would eat you.

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Amazing work by Julian Kenning

Found Julian work via Zbrush Central and instantly I was hooked – not only great technical work on the models – but also the artistic side, the concept art – just great.

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Great ZBrush sculptures by Tsvetomir Georgiev

If a huge fan of ZBrush (Pixologic – I love you, no honestly I do) so I do spend my time browsing (as I still feel my zbrushing just scratches the surface) ZBrushCentral forums for some cool inspirations and just pure skill (yeah I’m shallow) – I found Tsvetomir Georgiev work just stunning – he had worked on number of impressive projects e.g. Clash of The Titans (yeah, the movie was a flop, but the art style was cool). Check out his CG Society page for more of his work. His demonic Raziel should be used in next Soul Reaver game as it’s just awesome.

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