The Megatome, Dogfella and Sworcery – a pixel-art supernova

First time I saw trailers for “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP “ seems like ages ago – as a fan of Superbrothers for a while now I remember thinking: this looks so good that it will be almost impossible to match this visual extravaganza with the same (sophisticated) level of gameplay. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong…

It’s hard to explain what this game is as it’s more of an audio-visual experience (mind blowing one I would add), but at the same time this is a point and click adventure game – well sort of. When I think about “Sword & Sworcery” I think about good old Another World back from the ’90 – old vector-art adventure game from Amiga and well… they are completely different in sense of the game mechanics, visuals – well here a bit closer, as the scope of both games is  impressive in it’s  ascetic approach to design – it’s the scale of what we see that’s grand. No – what reminds me of Another World is a sense of discovery – every new element in the game and every new event in a game feels like nothing you seen before, you want to keep going because you know you’ll be amazed.

I will try to skip any detail of the game as anything I say will ruin the experience (which is the essence of this game) – but will say: We have a Scythian (protagonist) and his journey to find and destroy Megatome (sinister sworcery book), he’ll meet Logfella, Girl and Dogfella to help him in his mission. Sounds surreal ? Yes it’s. But the best kind. The gameplay itself vary from point and click adventure game to (we rotate the device 90 degrees) fight mode. That shift of modes changes the game to again something different.

Will stop now –  I encourage you to watch the video (above) of the gameplay – in my opinion one of the most incredible pixe-art experiences ever done – from stunning visuals, great sound design  – music is a different subject altogether as it’s also superb and it’s part of the game mechanics to nonthing-like-before gameplay.  Go and buy it if you own Apple device – you’ll remember this long after Scythian will fulfil his destiny.

About  Superbrothers.

The game came from a mind of Craig D. Adams (art) and Jim Guthrie (music) – duo has worked on some great videos before – it’s worth to have a look at these as well as they are also very impressive.

Stunning art from stunning minds.

Adam Spizak

Adam is an illustrator and designer with almost 13 years of experience in both online and print design. His main inspiration comes from music and books. You can find more information at and by following his @adamspizak.

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