The Spotlight is up! Show off your work!

Before we started the site – one of the initial ideas was to promote young and unknown artists (at least unknown to the “pop-public”) – so that we can have our small contribution towards making the design world a better place. So… The Spotlight is here if you are out there and want to show your work (whatever it is: design, motion, code) let us know – if we like it too… well we’ll share it on the ArtisNavi site (o yeah – and it’s free). This is also a great opportunity to get vital feedback and input from the professionals.

List of The Spotlight issues:

Issue#1 - Maarten Kleyne

Issue#2 - Krzysztof Juszczyk aka Ibrachim

Issue#3 - Michal Mozolewski

Issue#4 - Hernan Osorio

Issue#5 - Ahmer Farooqui

Issue#6 - Gustavo Gorricha¡tegui

Issue#7 - Niyi Okeowo

Issue#8 - Trisme

Issue#9 - Moataz Elsayed

Issue#10 - Steve Ha

Issue#11 - Grzegorz Rutkowski (88grzes)

Issue#12 - Stefan Luhrmann

Issue#13 - Vu Nguyen

Issue#14 - Igor Scekic

Issue#15 - Wojciech Zalot

Issue#16 - Toni Polkowski

Issue#17 - Eduardo Cano

Issue#18 - Matej Balaz

Issue#19 - Sudarshan Ashok

Issue#20 - Vigan Tafili

Issue#21 - Peter Laskowski

Issue#22 - Mirella Santana

Issue#23 - Dominik Wasienko

Issue#24 - Nick Bujnak

Issue#25 - Kevin van Diest

Issue#26 - Tristan Kromopawiro

Issue#27 - Maciej Rakowski

Issue#28 - Kevin Roodhorst

Issue#29 - Adam Cairns

Issue#30 - Aleksei Kostyuk

To be featured as part of the Spotlight – just reply in comments and post your link – or mails us your work at: and if everything goes well we’ll contact you. Now don’t be shy – it’s free and totally worth it and we promise to do our best to be honest so that we all benefit.

Adam Spizak

Adam is an illustrator and designer with almost 13 years of experience in both online and print design. His main inspiration comes from music and books. You can find more information at and by following his @adamspizak.

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30 Responses

  1. This will be a great source to show amateur, new & young artists works!

  2. Prachin says:

    Please check my portfolio on behance

  3. Maebh says:

    Great site here! I looking forward to seeing more from you ;)

  4. No jak to na digu w ostatnie pracy pisałeś , odsyłam link do portfolio z behance .A co tam :), nie jestem znany ani rozpoznawalny więc plasuje się w ramy w/w .

  5. Hi Adam, im a big fan of your work and i think this site is a really cool idea to show work and inspiration. Congrats

    I will like you to see my behance profile for spotlight on artis navi if you think it can be.

    Cheers from Panama

  6. Ana Paula Lemes says:

    Actually good article, it was a plaisure to learn it. I despatched it to all my friends. Actually thank you, every part is actually true.

  7. Hi adam, i love this website ! became one of my fav ;) Please check my portfolio on behance .. and thank you so much for all your efforts & great inspiring designs :)

    – Moataz

  8. Vu Nguyen says:

    Thanks for posting all of this amazing stuff on different artists and yourself. I was wondering If I could be featured?

  9. fksd says:

    Hi Adam,
    would be really nice if you could check my portfolio. Keep up this good site!

  10. eduardo cano says:

    Hey Adam!

    let’s keep in touch, great work you are doing here!

  11. Mikolaj says:

    Hi Adam, I would be very happy if I could be featured on spotlight .

    Best regards.


  12. milajone says:

    Sorry Adam, but did you get my e-mail?


  13. Hi everyone.

    I wold be happy if all of u could check my work at or

    Take care.

    Sandro Fernandes

  14. Hi Adam,

    Congrats… you are a great artist and your works are amazing!

    I would like to be featured… when you have time please check my portfolio on here

    Take care,

  15. Good ansԝers in retսrn of this
    mаtter with genuine argumᥱntѕ and expⅼаіning
    regɑгⅾing tҺаt.

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    […] sure to send us all your submissions via The Spotlight (or email – all in the post) and see you guys […]

  3. 22nd April 2011

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  4. 1st May 2012

    […] a short break The Spotlight is back! A sincere apologies from my side to everyone who send us work and i have not reply – […]

  5. 27th August 2012

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  6. 1st September 2012

    […] Spotlight this time – from Kevin Roodhorst. You can be featured at Artis Navi – show us your work, more here. More great work by Kevin […]

  7. 3rd November 2012

    […] Congrats Adam! And if you or your friends want to show your work here at ArtisNavi – let us know! More of Adam Cairns work […]

  8. 3rd December 2012

    […] eye for a detail. More of his work here.  You know how Alex got into The Spotlight? He sent us an email, make sure you do the same! […]

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