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55+ likes. This has nothing to do with Facebook, but the number of videos I liked at vimeo. Out of these videos I chose 6, that I would like to show you. Let’s rock!

GKaster Reel

GKaster is one of the guys that got me interested in Motion Graphics. There are only a few people like him that get so much creativity out of Cinema 4D. His work feels really organic and even the tinniest detail is perfectly textured and lit.

Retro Pinball

For people that didn’t know, I and the guys at Falcon White share a passion for the ’80s. So, I had to choose an ’80s styled video. Retro Pinball is a teaser for classic tv shows on Fox Network, designed by Plenty. And it’s worth seeing it for that single sequence when the ball reaches warp speed.


I picked Suddenly because you’d never think that this entire peace is created from photos. Just photos, no slow motion stuff, photos only. Cables were painted out and the single frames were taken apart in After-Effects and distributed in 3D space to get that feeling of depth. It’s really well done! The sound effects give that piece the final touch.


When there was no Cinema 4D Mograph module around, you had to keyframe everything by hand. Like in this video. It’s a great fluid piece with a lot of little details. Seeing those logs rolling away reminds me of a clay animation more than of a 3D animation. And if you have Cinema 4D at home, you can download the open file and take a look how Beeple did it! But don’t forget to say thanks! ;)

Telephone Me / MK12

MK12 is an awesome motion design studio. They created the title sequences for Quantum of Solance and Stranger than Fiction. Telephone me is a personal work they did. The ’50s vibe is on point, timing and transitions are perfectly chosen and the sound design is the cherry on the cake.

Growing Up

Motion Graphics are not only for presenting pure information, but also to transport emotions. Growing up is a great example for that. Rarely you get to see an animation that creates a feeling of fear, curiosity and positivity so well like this one does. The little girls voice over speaks exactly about the stuff that we thought about when we were little. And definitely take a look at all the other stuff that Jr.Canset did. That boy’s got talent.

I hope you liked what you saw. And the rest of the 55+ likes can be seen right here. If you are German speaking, you can find a German text version over here.

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